Monbusho FAQ: Setelah Lulus D2/D3, Bisa Lanjut S1?


It’s called 編入 (hen-nyuu).

Tapi, ujian hennyuu dan perpanjangan beasiswa Monbu adalah dua prosedur yang berbeda, therefore punya syarat dan ketentuan yang berbeda.

Untuk bisa hennyuu/lanjut ke universitas, kita harus ikut ujian di universitas yang kita tuju tersebut. Karena itu ujian yang diadakan oleh universitas, jadi tiap univ, bahkan tiap jurusan, punya ketentuan berbeda-beda untuk masalah hennyuu ini. Tapi untuk prosesnya, sepertinya semua sama, yaitu daftar lalu ujian kemudian pengumuman keluar (haha ga membantu ya? oke). Tapi ya emang gitu, jurusan yang sama di univ berbeda bisa punya sistem ujian yang berbeda, dan juga jurusan yang beda di univ yang sama bisa punya sistem ujian yang berbeda. And by ‘sistem ujian’ I mean persyaratan, subyek yang diujiankan dan ujian tulis/wawancara-nya, dan lain-lain. Continue reading “Monbusho FAQ: Setelah Lulus D2/D3, Bisa Lanjut S1?”


What Stopping Me From Writing

Finally a blog post since forever. Hehe.

Dulu masih jaman SMA ngeblog di blogspot, jaman masih bisa nulis apapun sesuka hati, suka-suka aja mau nulis apapun. Sampe pengalaman kehujanan di dalam angkot di perjalanan pulang sekolah aja ditulis haha. Sekarang beda sih. Mau nulis jadi lebih mikir macem-macem.

Trus pernah ketemu video, judulnya Finished Not Perfect. Jleb banget. I am one of those people who always thinks that “it has to be perfect” when it comes to creating something.

Parahnya, di beberapa kasus, rather than trying to fix it until I get what I want, I end up giving up and neglecting it because I feel that it can’t be fixed anymore. Padahal, pemirsa, orang lain nggak bakal sekritikal dirimu sendiri terhadap kekurangan di sesuatu yang kamu bikin itu. Or most of the time they won’t even notice it in the first place.

So I’ll try not to take my spare time and this free blogging service for granted haha. Semoga bisa rajin nulis lagi without overthinking~


ps. I changed how my site looks and I loveeee it so it should make a fresh start, right? 😉 Header image by Roman Kraft on Unsplash.

Apa Kabar?

Kita sampai lagi di saat-saat di mana notifications dari WordPress lumayan muncul di device saya.

Kenapa? Karena sepertinya cuma blog-blog saya tentang Monbusho yang cukup menarik dari sekian banyak tema lainnya hiks :’ *ya ga banyak juga sih* Tapi seenggaknya ini yang ngingetin saya kalau saya punya blog yang sepatutnya diurus hehe.

Jadi, buat teman-teman yang sedang berjuang cari info buat Monbusho atau beasiswa apapun itu, semangat ya! Siapapun yang baca ini, tolong semangatin saya balik karena sekarang saya juga lagi butuh semangat T.T *maap terdengar ngenes*

Jadi begini, mulai bulan April kemarin, saya jadi murid tingkat 2 di senmon gakkou. Dan rencananya, setelah lulus senmon gakkou (yang kalau lancar akan jadi bulan Maret tahun depan), saya mau lanjut ke daigaku (universitas). Mungkin ada yang bingung, apa bedanya? Detailnya sepertinya bakal dibahas di lain post ya kalau sempet.

Artinya, saya punya hampir 10 bulan sebelum kelulusan. Tapi, yang saya baru tahu akhir-akhir ini juga, ujian daigaku itu sebentar lagi! Nah lho, tahun ajaran baru kan masih tahun depan? Ya kaaan! Tapi ternyata tidak ada waktu istirahat ._. Memang nggak semua universitas buka pendaftaran secepet ini, tapi kebanyakan universitas negeri prosesnya lebih awal. Continue reading “Apa Kabar?”

Kuala Lumpur: A One-Day Solo Trip 2014

So I stopped by Malaysia on my way to homeland from Japan summer 2014.

Planned to be out of the hostel around 9 but pardon my laziness, I did at 11! Hehe. The rule of the hostel is to check-out before 12:00 in the noon, unless you want to pay for the next day too. And I don’t. But good for us, they have a luggage room that allow you to keep your luggage with them even when you already checked out! (I inquired them about this via email before booking). Perfect! I couldn’t imagine exploring KL with 20kgs in my hand.

So I went out of my room which is in the 4th floor, and headed to the receptionist. When I arrived last night, it was a plump man–probably Indian, telling from his face–who was in the receptionist desk. But this morning, it’s a middle-aged woman there. I told her I want to check out, and without smiling (without even looking at me, I believe), she gave me back my 10 ringgit deposit. I finally got my guts up and was about to ask her if I can get a help with my luggage that is still inside my room upstairs when the guy from last night came (thank God!) who then went back upstairs after I told him about my baggage.

“Your bag is heavier than last night!!”, he said while gasping for air and squeezing his upper arm. I put a big grin and said, “Oh, is it?” which surely is a platitude, because I DID put my approximately 3kgs handbag inside the suitcase HAHA. Just to keep ’em brief 😀

So he put my suitcase inside the luggage room, which is a room next to the receptionist table. I told him I’m gonna explore a lil bit of KL and that I will pick my bag up in the evening. Then I went out of the hostel, and I found that guy walked out too, looked like going to buy something nearby. He probably saw my confused face that he called me out, “Where are you going for now?” “Um, I think I will start from Kuala Lumpur Station. Just want to visit cause I heard it’s the oldest one. It’s near, right?” Yea, I did plan my trip this time. Listed down possible places to visit in one day, along with the most efficient routes, and I’m confident enough I can make it.

He said while we were walking down the street full of  small shops, “Yes, it’s near. There are so many places to visit in this area.” *started explaining things* “You know how to get there?”, he asked.

“Well, I’m not really sure, but I can check Google Maps… Wait!! I can’t find any WiFi!” Then all the confidence I got that I’m going to ‘conquer’ this city in one day vanished. I completely forgot that it won’t be easy to find an internet connection out there. I got used to the hostel’s WiFi which was so comfortable to use!

“Uhmm, which way should I go?”, I desperately decided to ask.

So here I go haha.

1. Kuala Lumpur Railway Station

Long story short, after 30 minutes, I got to the place which actually could be reached in 10 minutes if only I didn’t get lost and confused. Or it wasn’t my fault! Because Kuala Lumpur Station is nothing like what I expected. There were no crowd that I didn’t know it is a station. It is old, and it does look old. I mean, not in the good antique way… Well, it’s probably just me! I was so burst with excitement that I expected too high! Haha. Didn’t take much photos.

2. National Mosque

Then I headed to National Mosque. Would have no idea where to go if it’s not because of the unique roof of the mosque! It looks like a half-opened blue umbrella from far! Would like to show you how it actually looks but this is the only picture of it I took.



So, this mosque is well known for a tourism spot and it’s not only for muslims. You just need to wear a hood to cover your body inside the mosque.

Tourists at National Mosque

Reminded me to one of New Moon movie scenes, that one when Edward goes to Volterra where people are wearing red hoods for a festival. The ones in the mosque are purple instead of red though ._.

More photos of National Mosque:

When I was inside the mosque, it rained for a while. Yea it was cloudy the whole day. So I waited before continuing to the next destination according to my list: Central Market!

The mosque has free public WiFi but it doesn’t work very well. I took a look at Google Maps for a second but it wouldn’t load the complete map and the connection suddenly stopped. Well at least I THINK I know which direction to go. I’m just going to ask someone on the street for the details.

Then there I go…

I was supposed to be heading to Central Market because I was sure I was going to the right direction but, guess what, what I found is a signboard telling direction to Merdeka Square! Well, it was on my list after Central Market. But who cares the silly list. Itineraries doesn’t work when you don’t even know where you are. I am going where my feet take me lol.

3. Merdeka Square & Sultan Abdul Samad Building

Sooo, it is a square! I was lucky to be there in cloudy day because it does look so hot in a clear day. There are already some tourists there, mostly taking pictures and selfies. I even think I met another Indonesian, heheh. Would like to know the history of this place and why it was named “Merdeka”, but didn’t find any story or explanation. In front of the Square is a super cool building called Sultan Abdul Samad Building. Don’t know much about this place either, I just passed in front of it .

Here go the photos of Merdeka Square and around:

 4. Central Market (Pasar Seni)

I had no idea where to go anymore and am completely lost. But then I realized that I actually do have a map!
I’ve been using this app called Tripomatic to plan my trip this time in Kuala Lumpur. And the best thing is that it has an offline map feature!

5.  Jamek Mosque



This is my first time to finally use train! (Well, I did take a train from airport to KL Sentral station but that doesn’t count hehe.) Woo, so excited about how trains are here in Malaysia.

The station I went to was Masjid Jamek Station. Yes, it’s in front of the mosque. So the line I am going to take to go to Petronas called Kelana Jaya Line. You can see the platform and ticket gate in the picture below. Better than I thought it would be!

6. Petronas Twin Towers & Suria KLCC

A sophisticated high-tech building, as you expected 😉

Everybody in the queue were having at least someone with them and I am the only one alone that the ticket checker guy had to actually asked me, “Sendiri?”.


7. Petaling Street (Chinatown)

So I took Kelana Jaya Line from KLCC Station to Pasar Seni Station. And guess who I met! Two girls who sat next to me on the Kansai – KL airplane! Haha how small our world is. They are from one of Carribean countries (at least that’s what I remember), living in Japan and were travelling Southeast Asia. Sounds fun! >< So we have to part when they got off at the Masjid Jamek Station, one stop before mine.

I thought I know how to go to my hostel from Pasar Seni because the hostel guy already told me the way this morning. But yea, I can never really believe myself for directions-related things :/

Accidentally passed by the famous Petaling Street when I was lost. It wasn’t on my list because I just think I’ve got enough Chinatown so I didn’t come in ._.



8. Pasar Seni

Pasar Seni station to my hostel should have taken only less than 5 minutes but it was 20 minutes for me. At least I could make it by myself! Didn’t take picture :/

So I went to KLIA and here completed my one-day-journey in Kuala Lumpur~

FAQ Beasiswa Monbusho (Forwarded)

Cuma mem-forward note dari Kedubes yang di-share di akun Facebook Kedubes, tentang pertanyaan yang sering masuk dari pendaftar. Silakan dicek. Di bawah sudah saya upload screenshotnya, yang belum follow page Kedubes juga monggo~

Lucunya, jelas-jelas salah satu FAQ yang ditulis Kedubes di post itu: “Untuk jurusan Bahasa, apakah bisa mendaftar?” Dan jawabannya: “Tentu saja bisa, dengan memilih jurusan IPS.” Tapi, saya baca di commentnya ada lho yang nanya: “Kalo jurusan bahasa bisa ikutan nggak”.


Mungkin kata bapak/ibu Kedubes yang udah susah-susah jawab dan ngepost ini: #akurapopo :’) Continue reading “FAQ Beasiswa Monbusho (Forwarded)”


One more “park-hunting” yesterday. This time it’s Showa Kinen Park in Tachikawa, Tokyo. This park is known for the spacious area and large amounts of flowers they have. They always have different gardens of flower in different seasons!

When we came yesterday, they have tulip (only some are left, they started to fall off), nanohana, and two kinds of poppy. We went to tulip, nanohana and Iceland Poppy gardens. The other type of poppy they have is red-colored poppy (forgot the name) but we ran out of time since we entered the park too late *sobs*.


Continue reading “Poppy”

When Life Gives You Lemons, No, Cardboards

Sejak pindah apato kepikiran sama sepatu-sepatu yang berserakan di 玄関 (genkan). Bukan masalah harga sih, karena pasti ada rak sepatu yang murah, hyakuen shop mungkin juga ada, tapi masalahnya, genkan saya sempit banget, jadi susah nemu rak dengan ukuran yang pas.
Dan satu-satunya rak sepatu yang berhasil saya temukan yang bisa masuk ke genkan super mini itu cuma rak Tokyu Hands ini. Keren banget kaaaan? Tapi bisa dibayangkan, berapa pak telur yang bisa saya beli di supermarket sebelah stasiun dengan jumlah uang segitu! Kenapa telur? Karena FYI, telur itu makanan favorit saya 😉 Dan saya tahu hal se-nggak penting ini nggak seharusnya disebut di sini 😉

Dan akhirnya, saya sadar nggak bakal sanggup beli rak kece itu (hiks) dan memutuskan untuk mencari membuat penggantinya. Kebetulan saya masih punya beberapa kardus bekas pindahan. Hmmmmmm.

Yak, anggap aja saya kurang uang kerjaan. Tapi bikin barang-barang kaya gini itu semacam balik ke masa kecil. なつかしい! Waktu kecil emang suka banget ngukur-gunting-tempel-hias dan sebagainya. Paling nggak kuat lihat kotak kosong atau kertas kado sisa. Iya, alat perangnya tidak lain dan tidak bukan: pensil, penggaris, gunting, lem. Kotak pensil, tas, dompet, kotak celengan, frame foto, banyak banget barang hasil recycle-an waktu kecil. Hihi. Tapi makin gede, frekuensi main-main sama kardus bekas makin berkurang. Entah karena sok sibuk, atau daya imajinasi menurun! Lol.

Jadi, inilah benda yang menyelamatkan dompet sekaligus hidup saya. Continue reading “When Life Gives You Lemons, No, Cardboards”


It’s spring, people! Pretty much my favorite season. Great weather, beautiful flowers, and mostly new exciting things begin in spring! So don’t waste this great time of year! GO TO PARKS! This is one I visited during this year’s spring, which is soooo good for your eyes! They have pretty colorful tulips. This place is Yokohama Park, located in Yokohama (you are welcome). Went there with Ami after staying at her and Diwa’s new house the night before 😉 wpid-img_8280.jpg Continue reading “Tulips!”